AI-powered Social Posts
Kopparberg, Tetley
Neverland, 2023

Commissioned social posts for Instagram using AI imagery (Midjourney) for Kopparberg and Tetley. I prompted Midjourney to obtain a wide variety of assets that I would later cut-out, edit and assemble on my poster or layout. 

80s summer blockbuster
The brief was to produce a fictional summer blockbuster movie poster from the 80’s for Kopparberg, which involved a characteristic illustrated style.

Punk poster
My job was to create a mock punk-style poster. Midjourney prompts included lots of punk gigs and old newspaper imagery.

Tetley’s Eurovision 2023
Tetley tea commissioned a social post to celebrate Eurovision 2023. I prompted Midjourney to create a glittery mug and several components for a realistic Eurovision stage. I combined them in Photoshop and added realistic shadows.

Logo design

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